Toxins get trapped in our cells as our bodies grow and age. This leads to degenerative effects that most of us call “old age”. The fact is that many of these toxins are energetically blocked from exiting our cells, and need help to be eliminated. They produce harmful frequencies which act as jamming signals, interfering with normal cellular communication.   Once these signal disruptions are identified and eliminated, cells can communicate more effectively, and begin to heal themselves!  How can you identify and eliminate these toxins? The answer is Bicom™ Bioresonance!


Bicom™ Bioresonance Therapy is a revolutionary computerized technology that receives and processes the body’s natural energetic frequencies. This therapy treats all kinds of disorders naturally, by sorting out the disturbing disease patterns, and eliminating them. The effect is astronomical! The body is cleared, and can then work the way it was intended to heal itself.

Biofeedback diagnostics and sessions are performed in the following order:

Bicom Initial Diagnostic Profile:  DNA Lab test which identifies the first layer of harmful toxins in the body, including yeast like candida, heavy metals, radiation, vaccine damage, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, & more. This is done prior to the Biofeedback Treatment session.  Begin a journey to realign your body & heal yourself.

Biofeedback 4-Stage Session: There are 4 stages to this treatment. First, to enhance & stabilize energy levels. Second, to support specific organs in preparation of self-healing. Third, to clear cellular blocks, & forth, to clear the biological strains allowing the release of harmful toxins & energies.

Follow-Up Bicom Diagnostics: DNA Lab tests that further identify layers of harmful toxins & energy blocks in the body. This is usually needed every  year to customize the Biofeedback Sessions. Continue this journey to realign your body & heal yourself.

Follow-Up Bicom Therapies: Follow-ups are scheduled after the 4-stage Biofeedback sessions (3 to 5 sessions per test). These will enhance the specific needs of the body, allowing for continual self-healing, and removing the scars of cellular memory and disease.

Make sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh water after each Bicom Session.

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