Mobile Veterinary Services

We offer a variety of all natural and holistic veterinary services for your pets

Holistic Veterinary Services

Holistic services performed in stores:

  • Nonanesthesia Dentals
  • Food & Regional Allergy tests
  • Heartworm test
  • Vaccine titers, canine & feline
  • Mercury-free Rabies & other vaccines
  • Flea / tick remedies (natural & prescription)

Other holistic vet services available:

  • Bicom Bioresonance / Biofeedback
  • Homeopathy
  • Custom Made Remedies
  • Noside Vaccines
  • Heartworm prevention (natural & prescription)
  • Solutions to attenuate vaccine reactions (given at the same time as the vaccine)

For pricing on any of our holistic vet services, click on Holistic Vet Price List.

Non-Anesthesia Dental Procedures

Non-Anesthesia Dental Procedures How We Do It: First, our holistic veterinarian examines your pet and qualifies him/her to be a good candidate for this procedure. Next, one of our skilled animal hygienists will begin the dental procedure in our mobile veterinary unit.... read more

Food/Environmental Allergy Tests

Allergy Testing & Treatment Blood tests are performed using Bicom Bioresonance technology. Bicom testing and treatment is cutting edge technology using theories of quantum physics and electromagnetic energy signatures. After the specific allergens have been... read more

Vaccines, Heartworm & Blood Tests

Traditional Vaccines (All services using needle and syringe, there is a $3 Biohazardous waste fee in FL) Vaccine Titers (to prevent vaccinosis): Canine distemper/hepatitis/parvo Feline Panleukopenia titer Rabies Titer (Not for export) Rabies titer (for export) Canine... read more

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